meet our team

Jeff Hastings Vice President

Jeff Hastings founded Fairweather Science building upon an esteemed career in the geophysical industry spanning from the late 1970s. Serving as the company's vice president, Jeff brings over 30 years of experience promoting safe and environmentally responsible operations throughout the world. He is highly skilled at identifying innovative solutions to meet the many unique challenges encountered by clients in the natural resources industry.

Sheyna Wisdom Operations Manager

Sheyna Wisdom has over 16 years of experience in environmental consulting and as a specialist in acoustics and marine mammal biology. She is highly knowledgeable in assessing environmental impacts in accordance with the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and other federal and state regulations. Sheyna works with both operators and agencies in preparing required compliance documents, and is adept at interpreting the subtle nuances associated with different requirements. Since 2010, she has served as a program manager for multiple large-scale marine research programs in the Arctic, including the industry-funded Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP). Her extensive experience as a marine mammal researcher covers many areas of study with a focus on acoustic disturbance.

Sheyna is very committed to fostering collaboration among stakeholders including researchers, resources managers, industry, and local community members. Under her direction, researchers have benefited substantially from cost sharing opportunities on the R/V Norseman II. Conducting marine research in the Arctic is extremely expensive because programs must fund the transit to and from the Arctic, often from Seattle or Dutch Harbor. Under this cost-sharing program, researchers share in the transit costs between Seward and Nome, allowing for more funds to be allocated to data collection. During the field season, Sheyna and her team have implemented a voluntary daily call (SIMOPS – simultaneous operations) with all vessels operating, as well as an aerial survey coordination call. She has facilitated the Arctic Research Planning Night at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium for four years. She was recently appointed to the North Slope Science Initiative Science and Technical Advisory Panel (NSSI STAP) to further foster collaboration.

Prior to joining Fairweather Science, Sheyna assisted organizations to obtain federal, state and local biological and noise compliance along the U.S. West Coast, while conducting marine mammal research and acoustic monitoring in California, Hawaii, Alaska and Mexico. Sheyna is very active in public outreach and education, sharing her realm of knowledge with local schools and Arctic coastal communities.

Justin Blank Senior Environmental Scientist

Justin Blank has over 10 years of experience in marine mammal biological research and field studies, marine mammal and endangered species consultation (MMPA and ESA), and NEPA compliance and permitting. Justin has managed wildlife issues for the majority of oil and gas companies working in Alaska, and is qualified to administer classroom-based polar bear deterrence training, as directed by the USFWS. He has prepared Letter of Authorization (LOA) applications for both large and small oil and gas projects on the North Slope, and has authored numerous documents on polar bear avoidance and interaction. His responsibilities include preparing technical reports and environmental documents, overseeing project permitting, and consulting with agency personnel. Justin also conducts independent research on polar bear den habitat, and has been involved in den detection and mapping across the North Slope since 2008.

Ella Ede Stakeholder Engagement/Project Manager

As a life-long Alaskan, Ella Ede has over 20 years of experience working with the oil and gas and mining industries, including providing consulting services. Her experience includes environmental management, NEPA analysis, stakeholder engagement with the indigenous people of Alaska, and public relations on large Alaska projects. Ella was previously the Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Statoil Alaska, responsible for social performance, community relations, and communication with external and internal stakeholders. She was the environmental project manager for the Pebble Mine Project for three years, and previously worked in consulting following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, managing environmental studies to establish baseline conditions and determine impacts. She is currently on the board of directors' executive committee of the Alaska Resource Development Council.

Willow Hetrick Senior Permit Specialist

Willow Hetrick's background includes extensive marine and terrestrial biological research and NEPA analysis, combining over five years of professional experience with a lifetime of local and learned knowledge. Possessing a keen insight into the development of Alaska's natural resources industry, Willow collaborates on projects with state, federal, public and non-government organizations, as well as private stakeholders. Her work is focused on state and federal permitting, regulatory compliance and cultural sensitivities. Willow has extensive experience researching and compiling documents to support exploration and development projects in the oil and gas and mining sectors, providing the necessary documentation to meet budgets and scheduling demands. She is well-versed in the literature and policy research required to advance experimental research and promote the development of successful exploration, development, compliance and management plans.

Miranda Buckmaster Project Scientist

Miranda Buckmaster has more than seven years of experience in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. For three years she managed bulk petroleum sales for fleet accounts and tracked inventory and financial accounts for an oil distributor in Montana. For over four years she has focused on environmental consulting in the upstream sector by coordinating environmental permitting, compliance tracking, water use tracking, and by supporting environmental and cultural studies activities in Alaska. Ms. Buckmaster has a wide variety of permitting experience and has worked with local, state, and federal agencies to obtain land use, water use, biological, and cultural clearance authorizations. She has supported efforts to acquire permits for drilling and geophysical exploration, new infrastructure, and facilities development, as well as maintenance and operations approvals for producing facilities. Miranda has strong technical writing practices which she has utilized to draft and finalize standard operating procedures, project descriptions, and plans of operation. She has lead large groups of contributors using her detailed and efficient communication skills to organize and facilitate effective interaction between environmental coordinators, designers, engineers, and legal staff to finalize documents required by natural resource regulators. Miranda also has extensive compliance tracking, database administration, and reporting experience for both existing field and new development projects.

Sioned Sitkiewicz Staff Environmental Scientist

Sioned Sitkiewicz was hired in 2012 as an intern for the Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP) and quickly promoted to a permanent environmental scientist on the team. She has worked as an offshore research lead in the disciplines of benthic ecology, zooplankton ecology and ocean acidification. Her areas of responsibility include providing logistical and expediting support and preparing data summaries and technical reports. She possesses diverse lab and field experience, conducting large-scale land restoration research, vegetation surveys and aquatic toxicology testing. Sioned is a skilled communicator and technical editor, and has also coordinated North Slope community outreach. Sioned also serves as the Fairweather Science health, safety and environment (HSE) representative.

Tanja Davis Project Controller

Tanja Davis has specialized in project control for the oil and gas Industry since 2006. Joining Fairweather Science as project controller in 2014, Tanja is responsible for cost management, reporting, analysis and client billing. Prior to working in the oil and gas industry, Tanja worked in the international business field with a focus on imports and exports, tariff code classifications, international logistics, banking and scheduling.