fws cultural sensitivity
training program

Join us as we launch our new Fairweather Science Cultural Sensitivity Training Program. Download the invitation here.

Fairweather Science, LLC, through years of experience and success in fostering relationships in communities across Alaska, has collaborated with Jenny Evans of Rural Alaska First to develop a comprehensive Cultural Sensitivity Training (FWS CST) program to assist organizations conducting work in the Arctic. Working in the Arctic requires an understanding of the many cultures and traditional values of indigenous peoples — our program is designed to provide your organization with such understanding. The FWS CST best practice program will provide your team with the following knowledge:

  • An understanding of cultural issues and land access rights
  • Respect for indigenous peoples
  • An understanding of cultural differences
  • Traditional values important to indigenous peoples

The comprehensive program includes the following:


This 15-minute training video will introduce your team to important historical, environmental, cultural, and subsistence aspects of the North Slope. It will provide an understanding of indigenous peoples and communities and valuable tools in preparation of working in the Arctic. Through the training program, FWS will provide online access and material testing, certificates of completion, direct billing, and tracking of employees who have completed training. Additionally, company branded videos can be provided upon request.


1 to 9 employees $40/person
10 to 50 employees $30/person
50+ employees $20/person

Trailers of the videos are provided below.

FWS CST Industry Video Trailer

FWS CST Research Video Trailer


Custom workshops are available with in-person training by FWS and Rural Alaska First personnel experienced in working with indigenous peoples in the Arctic. You'll have an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with local indigenous leaders and subsistence hunters. Each training will be custom designed to meet your specific needs and those of your employees.


Fairweather Science and Rural Alaska First will help facilitate meetings in communities across Alaska. You'll be provided meeting planning, venue options, assistance with logistics, recommendations on who to invite, and introductions to local leaders who are key to project success.


Work room posters are available for purchase, which include important reminders to employees regarding interaction with indigenous peoples living in the Arctic. Posters can be company branded upon request.

Download the FWS CST Training Program Flyer here. For more information, contact Sheyna Wisdom or Ella Ede at (907) 346-3247.