about fairweather science

Laura Young
Laura Young Business Manager

I have a long history of managing projects and teaching project management. The best part of my job is teaching project management best practices, specifically how we make money to new project managers, and helping seasoned managers on complex projects.

Olivia Kavanaugh
Olivia Kavanaugh Staff Scientist/Planner

Working at Fairweather Science has provided me the opportunity to have a small role in Alaska's marine infrastructure development while protecting the marine life that lives here. When I'm not out in the field, I am developing hazard mitigation plans aimed at reducing a community's vulnerability to natural hazards.

I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Marine Policy at UAF. This program will allow me to continue to learn about policy and rural development in Alaska and further grow in my roles at Fairweather Science. My favorite thing about my job is that no two projects are the same, which keeps me on my toes and allows me to always keep learning and growing.

Mason Page
Mason Page Emergency Management Planner

I grew up with the natural disasters of the Gulf Coast, and they drove me to earn a Masters of Emergency Management. Whether in Louisiana or in Alaska, we all must live our local disasters; I feel very privileged in my work writing Hazard Mitigation plans for Alaskan communities. I look forward to continuing planning for a safer, more resilient future.