polar bear monitoring

Winter is polar-bear research season at Fairweather Science! Along with our partner, Justin Blank of Environmental Research and Consulting, LLC (a former Fairweather Science employee), our team is an industry leader in managing the annual industry compliance polar bear den detection surveys and in the design and management of polar bear research on Alaska's North Slope.

Fairweather Science maintains compliance with USFWS regulations and our strong relationship with regulatory agencies, aerial surveillance specialists, researchers, and North Slope operators has allowed us to standardize the aerial infrared-camera surveillance process for polar-bear den detection. The result is streamlined Arctic logistics and reduced expenses through sharing costs. This cost sharing helps our clients plan more extensive and detailed surveys and/or research. An abundance of data and up-to-date knowledge of polar-bear habitat and denning areas helps operators, scientists, and regulatory agencies make informed decisions about permitting, research, and project planning.

Fairweather Science excels in ethically conducting work in environmentally and biologically sensitive areas. Our team maintains constant communication with USFWS during the entire den-survey period and initiates immediate action (e.g., agency consultation, implementation of area buffers, revised project planning) if a potential den is located so that the safety of the denning mother and cubs is prioritized.