project management and logistics support

At Fairweather Science, we deliver safe, specialized, and successful overall program and individual project management services tailored to our client's needs. We specialize in projects operating in remote and unpredictable environments and possess the experience, tools, and qualified staff to ensure that even the most challenging objectives are achieved. From Southeast Alaska to the Arctic, Fairweather Science combines local and remote project management budgeting and scheduling tools, making our team uniquely poised to assure positive outcomes in every operation and in every environment.

Our project management services include a network of customizable technological tools and resources for ensuring your project performs to its fullest potential. One key system component we provide is access to a secure, shared Internet site for document management, which allows team members to log in and efficiently maintain and consolidate important information. Our expertise includes logistics management services for long-term, multidisciplinary programs; we maintain contracts with logistical support services throughout the state, including Seward, Nome, Wainwright, Cook Inlet, Homer, and Deadhorse, as well as all shipping organizations. Fairweather Science's highly adaptable project-management skill set and diverse network allows us to embrace challenges and offer custom solutions to meet our clients' needs.


One of Fairweather Science's strongest features is our ability to provide unique and flexible solutions for each project and situation and adapt quickly and creatively to change. Our response to COVID-19 was immediate and thoroughly implemented across all projects. We revised our project operations to ensure the health and safety of our community, employees, subcontractors, and clients and to provide peace of mind while continuing to operate efficiently. Our company COVID-19 response plan is updated regularly as State mandates and guidelines change, and may be viewed here.